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November 8, 2009
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HP Gender Bender: Fem Draco by SilSolo HP Gender Bender: Fem Draco by SilSolo
F!Draco, or rather, Cassiopeia, as her parents named her that when they saw that she's a girl, with her malevolent husband, Lord Voldemort.

For all of you Harry Potter fans :D I should've put her in a Lolita style dress, but somehow wound up dressing her up in the school uniform instead. Well, at least school dress codes don't stop this girl from wearing her hair that way.

Reference pics: [link]

Abilities and powers: Same as the male counterpart, only not as strong physically and more charming.

Friends: Pansy Parkinson (up to a point), Greengrass girls, Milli Bulstrode(up to a point), Theo Nott, Blaise Zabini

Enemies: Hermione, Ginny (mainly)

Avoids like plague: Crabbe and Goyle

Romances: Harry, Voldemort
Lucius originally wanted a male heir, but when her birth took a great toll on Narcissa's health, the family decided to stop at just one child, whom they raised to be both a powerful son and a proper pureblood lady. As a result, she's one of the few Slytherin girls who play Quidditch and publicly duel. That last one like her was her aunt, Bellatrix Lestrange. In fact, she is quite like Bellatrix in many ways, with the only truly notable difference being that she's much saner and milder mannered.

In much of her early years, she acted according to what she was taught and played Quidditch, befriended Pansy, Milli, and the Greengrass girls when she wasn't practicing her magic or picking on Muggle-borns. The rivalry between her and Harry started out much more casual, as a mere Quidditch thing. Her main enemies were Hermione and Ginny.

The first major dramatic event in her life happened when she was made Slyther Prefect in her fifth year. She and her best friend, Pansy, both had very dominant personalities that often conflicted, but until then, they managed the problem by taking an equal role in leading the Slytherin girls. Pansy, who's terribly jealous, spread some terrible rumors about Cassi and basically tore Cassi and the rest of the gang of Slytherin girls apart. Milli went with Pansy while the Greengrass girls sided with Cassi.

The mixed blessing and curse took a great toll on the Malfoy girl and she poured much of her energy into beating Gryffindors, especially Harry, hoping that defeating them would earn everyone's respect and reunited all the girls under her. After awhile, this rivalry began to evolve into a secret and forbidden love.

The sixth year was much the same as the original storyline, only that she had the strength to kill Dumbledore and there was quite a bit of secret and doomed romance between her and Harry. That ended when Voldemort, who's bent on punishing Lucius, rewarded her success against Dumbledore by forcing her to marry him.

And so Lucius got to watch as his favorite little princess from the family he took the Dark Mark to protect pushed him back, walked up, and surrendered herself to a man old enough to be her grandfather to keep him alive. He also got to help the Dark Lord move into Malfoy Manor with Cassi, whom Voldy made every effort to seduce in the failed Death Eater's presence. And she seemed to fall for it.

Cassi, on the surface, seemed to share a very passionate relationship with Lord Voldemort and became pregnant with their son, Scorpius, within one or two months. Underneath the surface, for reasons known only to herself, she began to spy on Lord Voldemort while still playing the dutiful pureblood wife and Death Eater. Her husband must have found it out, because as she laid bleeding after Scorpius' birth, he fired a killing curse at her and tried to turn their son into a Horcrux. It is unknown as to whether or not that worked, since she was likely already dead, as many Malfoy women plus Merope Gaunt had been, and as Narcissa almost had been, that long after the births of their first and only children.

A few months later, Voldie seemed to have been defeated (nobody really knows) and her parents adopted Scorpius. To protect her name and reputation and to protect Scorpius from his heritage, they only told the outside world that she was killed by VOldemort for betraying him and that the youngster was their son, which was true to a certain degree.
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